What is an adapter ring?

Most conference solutions provide 1 or 2 interfaces. These are mostly for HDMI (digital image signals) and VGA (analog image signals). However, modern mobile devices do not always have a corresponding interface. This is partly due to licensing reasons with HDMI vers. DisplayPort or also space reasons e.g. with Micro-HDMI or USB-C. So you need a lot of adapters, but unfortunately they are not always at hand when you need them. The patented adapter ring series was developed to adapt flexibly and quickly to a presentation place, conference table, workstation, etc., to bring the contents of mobile devices to a display

The adapter ring firmly connects a thin steel cable with a clamp to an HDMI cable which is provided e.g. as a cable pull-out at your presentation port. All desired adapters are threaded onto this steel cable and therefore cannot be lost. The adapter rings can be retrofitted with little effort if required. All adapters of this series are manufactured in high quality, adapters with system change have one board with the corresponding chips of the latest generation. Depending on the version, resolutions up to 4K@60Hz can be transmitted. The adapters always have a HDMI type A socket and adapt them accordingly to another system.

Features of the adapter rings:

  • Fixed connection of HDMI adapters on one connection cable
  • Adapter available in 1080P or 4K resolution
  • Adapter available in short version or with short cable
  • Retrofitting of further adapters possible with little effort
  • Additional clamp for further adapters available (e.g. Lightning)
  • High-quality adapters with integrated converter electronics
  • Suitable tools available as a set
  • Pendant with customer label possible on request